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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Aku dah cakap aku tak suka , susah sgt ke nak faham aku ?? susah sgt ke na dengar cakap aku??
susah sgt ke ??? :"(((((((((((((((((((((((((

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Love is ~~

hello peeps ! :D
i haven`t updated my blog...
mainly because i`m lazy :/
and i`m busy ,but mostly lazy :P .

anyways ,
i found some pics that are super duper cute :D !
and would like to share with you all :D
                                      LOVE IS ......
 ---> Cuddling you is the best thing in the world

---> Love is... showing appreciation for each other. It always feels great when someone appreciates what you do, and it’s just as great if you show them that you appreciate them too!
---> Love is... thinking of you.
It gives me energy to keep study hard!

---> Happy SMS :) :)
This is me most of the time at night, I make sure the phone’s like right next to my ear so I don’t miss any call or messages hehe. Gives me a smile each time~

---> Love is... being stubborn
We all fight sometimes and likes to be stubborn when we both wish for the same thing, just for the other side to do the smallest thing to cheer each other up and everything would've been ok. Be the first one to give the first hug, or the first smile!

Permulaan game akan di mulakan skrg whai musuhku :/

Okayy start hari ni aku akan mulakan game yg sgt best .. Nak mula dari mane ekk? tu semua rahsia -,- Aku akan slow2 main game ni , excited yaww ! :-D  msty best kan kalau main game ni dengan slow2..
First : Aku org paling gembira dengan kau buat acc FACEBOOK ! budah bru nak naik tangga ..okay , kau HOT STUFF sgt !
Second : Dgn ada nya facebook kau , senang lah game aku ni nak main dengan lancar dan berjaya ! Thankss to this girls sbb buat acc yee budokkkk :-** muah muah !!
Third : START THE GAME !! Have fun yaa bitchassss ><

----> Aku tak kan balas dalam sekolah , aku taknak rekod aku buruk di sebabkan kau :) Tahun ni aku form 5 , last aku sekolah tahun ni... sbb tuh aku mulakan game ni dgn cara di luar and cara yg elok :) :)

Byeeee ^^