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Friday, July 16, 2010

think abOut that..hurmmm !!!!

most people said if sum1 be a teenager its a hard moments 2 us 2 survive ourselve for the 1st time ryte??...coz its still new to us.... and byk challange yg perlu kiter tempuh before becoming an adults life...but most people yg da byk harungi cbaran dri awal, bg mereka its is a simplest easier 2 them after dorunk da dewasa nanty....sbb dorunk da knl mcm2 erti hidup n da rase smua 2.... but for me...i'm still searching for that...i dun noe either i can survive myself or not 1 day...coz now on pown i'm still searching my indentiti coz i really dun noe myself dgn lbih spesifik... but i'l try slowly utk knl sape dri sy sndri... wht i noe is sy mudah terpengaruh dgn rakan sy...i noe mase remaja la kiter wants 2 feel evrything yg org dewasa rase... but it doesnt means yg kiter perlu rosak kan dri kiter juz becoz of nk rase hidup sprti org dewase....xsalah mencube...but biar lar berpada2...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

mY hamster..

hye kOwank..
aQu ada mOnster yg cute sgt...btOl x tpu..
cOmey sgt2 auw..ckunk aQu nk care mY mOnster uh dgn baEk..
tkOt dye mati pLak...kan2??
tp owg kata mOnster nEy pya nk jaga..
huh ! x pe2,tRy thE bEst..jgn cpt mngaLah !!

loVe mY mOnster !!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i have bad frenz !!

I have friends, a name he epy ..
he is evil, I am wide-open with him ..
epy you know, I was wide-open with you!!
because you throw the water near me ..
very bad!!
I will reply back close to you ..
you look okay!
I am fresh out of my face because of you ..
I resent it!